How to unblock stormwater drains

Blocked Drain Plumbers were called to assist a Melbourne property owner who had a blocked stormwater drain. With the blocked stormwater drain, our client had constant damp and mould appearing and water under their house. Also, during heavy downpours all around the house flooded.

How to unblock stormwater drain

As the first step, we came in and inspected the storm water drains with our camera and found and located the issue and the cause of the blockage, being tree roots.

We excavated a section of the garden and cut out a section of drain so we were able to use our electric cable machine to remove the tree root blocking the stormwater pipes.

Blocked stormwater drain

Blocked stormwater drain

How to unblock stormwater drain Melbourne

Unblock stormwater drain

Using machine to clear tree roots

We then used our machine to hook onto tree roots located as far as 6 metres upstream of the cut out section and pulled out and removed a long section of tree roots with this machine. We then repaired the section of the stormwater drain.
Clearing blocked stormater drain

Clearing blocked stormater drain

Clear tree roots from blocked stormwater drains

Clear tree roots

And the result? Because of our ability to use our machine and how we pulled out tree roots in one piece, we saved client a lot of damage and destruction to his house and concrete pathways resulting in minimal damage!!! This alone saved the client a lot of money!

As a result, the rain water and stormwater drains are now flowing as good as new!

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