Upgrading your Toilet

The toilet is an essential component to any household, however, many don’t often think about the maintenance of the toilet until a blocked toilet or other problems arise. Every other appliance such as a washing machines and stoves in your home requires thorough maintenance to make sure it does not brake? So what difference does a toilet possess? Toilets need the same amount of attention and maintenance as other appliances, possibly more due to the amount of times it is being used on a daily basis. If you are unsure if upgrading your toilet is a necessity in your current household, read on!

Signs that Tell You, You Need a New Toilet

1. Old Toilet.
Even if there are no obvious signs or problems that come from your toilet, you might want to consider upgrading your toilet if you have had the one in your house for decades. Older models are less efficient and thus significantly increase your water bill. The advancements that have been made for the past years have made toilets to use less water than older models. If you haven’t replaced your toilet since 1994, you should probably get a new one. If you decide to do that, you should choose a model that has dual-flush technology as it offers you the option of a full flush (solid waste) and a partial flush (liquid water). This way you are using significantly less water without giving up on flushing every time.

2. Cracks In The Tank.
A puddle of water around your toilet could be something big if you see it often. This could mean that there are cracks in the toilet tank and you need to replace the fixture. Calling a plumber, you would get professional help to determine properly if the problem could be fixed. If you see that your toilet is working just fine – it is not clogged and it flushes well – but you still see water around it, you might have cracks in the toilet bowl.

3. Blocked Toilets
Blocked toilets are always a pain, and if this issue continuously persists more so then usual, it’s a vital sign that you need to upgrade your toilet. We flush toilets with a lot of crap, literally, and at times we have all been guilty in flushing down something we shouldn’t. This only causes damage to the toilet and the plumbing system.

4. The Toilet Is Jiggling.
You should remember that a toilet which wobbles is definitely not nothing. You should reach out to a plumber immediately so they could determine the problem. This is important as it might be something simple (bolts that need to be tightened) but it could also be something big as damaged or rotting floor underneath which will require professional help for the repairs.

5. Often Repairs.
Have you called your plumber several times for the past years so they could repair your toilet? If this is so, this is a clear sign that you should get a new toilet – this will save you an amount of money from unnecessary problem repairs that continue reappearing.

6. Round Bowl. There isn’t anything wrong with round bowls, but the elongated models are definitely worth considering. They are much more comfortable as they have more seating space than the round bowls. Also, according to Consumer Reports, those models are staying clean longer and are not allowing a lot of odors to escape into the bathroom air. It is true that the round models require less space but if you have some room to spare, switch to an elongated toilet bowl. If you see some of those or any other signs, call your local Benjamin Franklin plumbers – they are able to make the necessary repairs or even install a new toilet to your bathroom.

All these signs indicate that upgrading your toilet is the way to go. Not upgrading your toilet can be very costly, in either usage via elevated water bills, or maintenance. If you do decide to upgrade your toilet, we highly recommend you call the experts in Melbourne.

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