Blocked Toilet

There are several reasons why the toilet drain gets blocked or clogged. A blocked toilet can also be an indication that there is a bigger problem in your drainage system. This includes sewer blockage or an obstruction in the toilet line. These obstructions may be caused by flushed toilet fresheners or objects that have fallen into the toilet causing the drain pipes to get jammed with materials that can clog the drain pipes. Blocked toilets in Melbourne are usually caused by a build-up of toilet paper that blocks that sewer drain.

What are the indicators of a blocked toilet? When water levels in your toilet bowl are slow in going away after flushing and if the water level rises up to the top of the toilet, these are clear indications that you have a blocked toilet. It is best to get help from blocked toilet expert plumbers to fix the problem for you and make your toilet work properly again.

Blocked Toilets and Drain Pipes. The major causes of a blocked toilet in Melbourne are accumulated hair, larger debris, tissues or too much toilet paper flushed down the toilet drain. Once these types of blockages accumulate or build-up, the flow of water draining away from the toilet becomes slow. The use of chemical drain cleaners can help keep the waste system clear and fresh but is not so environmentally or eco-friendly because these chemicals are made of harsh ingredients that can hurt the environment.

External drains can also easily become clogged with leaves and debris falling that find their way into the drains. If these external drains become clogged or blocked, water will cease to flow properly on the drain pipes and can cause a blocked toilet.

Blocked sewer pipes are costly and may be a destructive problem. Totally blocked drain pipes will definitely cause sewerage to back up through the floor drains or other bathroom fixtures. Partially blocked drain pipes can result in the slow draining of the toilet or any bathroom fixture, like the shower drain. If you want to find exactly where the problem is, it is best to use a CCTV camera to investigate where the blockage is and find the best course of action to take to resolve the drain problem.

Hydro-jetting is an alternative solution to removing or clearing blocked drainage pipes. It can flush out even the worst pipe clogs that your drain pipes may have.

Common reasons for a blocked toilet pipes.

Blocked drain pipe. The most common cause of blocked toilet in Melbourne is a clog or blockage in the intersecting service pipe between the home and the main drain that leads to the street. The usual cause of the blockages is the accumulation or build-up of hair, dirt, grease, and other materials that do not dissolve in water. Materials like disposable napkins, garbage, nappies, broken pieces of dishware and other types of debris that should not be flushed down the drain are the major causes of blockage in the drain pipes. To make sure that the problem is fixed properly, it is best to hire the services of an expert toilet drain plumber who specialises in blocked drains.

This problem is a household issue where water from the home is backing up. The amount of water that backs up depends on the amount of water used. Once the water is turned off, it usually drains slowly. The problem resurfaces once the water is turned on again. When drains starts backing up, there is a big chance that there is a drain pipe clog or blockage somewhere. Materials like hair, soap, and household chemicals flushed down the drain can often build up at any time along the drain pipeline and cause blockage and then the backup of wastewater.

Sewer lines can be clogged like drains. The accumulation of non-degradable materials flushed down the sewer line can gather along the sewer walls and eventually clog the sewer. This problem can cause water to back-up in bathroom drains including the toilet. Once you see signs of this happening to your home, call the plumbing professionals right away to fix the problem immediately and prevent bigger damages to your home.

Blocked Sewer. Drain line pipes and sewers can be damaged because of several reasons. One reason could be digging in your property and accidentally hitting the sewer drain, which can cause it to rapture quickly. The sewer might be very old and can easily crack from the pressure of solid materials travelling through it. In other situations, the damage just happens and an expert plumber is needed to fix the problem properly to prevent further and much worst damage to your property.

Plant roots. Roots of large trees growing near the sewer lines can weaken these drain pipelines over the years as they grow around them. Plant roots that manage to wrap drain pipeline around can eventually work into the sewer pipes, therefore, damaging the drain pipes or the sewer lines. It is very important to leave the removal of plant roots to a plumbing expert specialising in removing tree roots from drain pipes to fix the problem properly.

If you need professional help, contact the blocked drains experts on 0412 738 874 or leave a message. Or feel free to look up how to fix a blocked toilet. If your problem is an emergency plumbing matter or a burst pipe or clogged drains in Melbourne – and you need urgent assistance contact us right away!

Helpful details for a Blocked Drain and Emergency Plumber situation:

Triple zero – 000
City of Melbourne – Floods and Storms
Yarra Valley Water
Victoria State Emergency Service

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