Drains can be blocked due to a variety of causes. Grease, debris, tree roots, sand, dirt to toys being put down the toilet all can cause your drain to block. Our plumbers use state of the art technology so they can safely locate and clear the blockage, leaving your pipes intact and clean.

At PWS Blocked Drain plumbers, we have a highly qualified and experienced team who can provide plumbing services to unblock your drains and manage your general plumbing needs.

We routinely unblock:
• Toilets
• Sinks
• Sewers
• Storm-water drains

Other drain services include:
• Repairing damaged drains including burst pipes, broken pipes and fixing leaky pipes
• Maintenance on all drains
• Cleaning Storm-water drains
• Camera drain inspection

As well as blocked drain work we can also service your general plumbing needs and we are experienced in residential and commercial renovations. Click to General Plumbing Services.

If you have an emergency with your sink, toilet or have a blocked drain call our emergency plumbing service on 0412738874 or click to contact us and our friendly and helpful plumbers will help you to solve any plumbing issues and problems very quickly and efficiently for a competitive price.

Our emergency plumbers are available after hours and on weekends and we will provide a free quote for all emergency plumbing services.



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