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    Blocked Drains Melbourne

    The blocked drains Melbourne experts, Blocked Drain Plumbers, are trained professionals who specialise in unclogging blocked drains. For over a decade, we have been the leading drain specialists in Melbourne. Our plumbers are highly trained and experienced in resolving a wide variety of plumbing issues. Removing blockages and replacing drain parts whenever necessary are our specialty.

    After receiving a plumbing emergency, our professional plumber will quickly travel to your location. Aside from using mobile maps, our plumbers are pretty knowledgeable about every inch of Melbourne and will surely get to you immediately.

    We know fully well that blocked drains and toilets are only a symptom of a bigger problem.  As such, as soon as we arrive in your property, we fully assess the situation. In order to assess your plumbing situation, aside from skills and experience, we make use of high-tech equipment including: Drain camera, hydro-jetting equipment, motorised drain augers, as well as deep excavation equipment.

    Blocked Drain Plumbers are specialists in fixing a variety of plumbing problems. Our services include:

    As a Melbourne citizen owned plumbing company, we are well adept to the ins and outs of Melbourne and its suburbs. This allows us to quickly respond to any emergency plumbing issues within our main service area.

    Blocked Drain Plumbers adhere to the Plumbing Code of Australia (PCA) to ensure high quality works and customer satisfaction. We always strive to give the best results at cost. Contact us now on for a free no obligation phone consultation and quote.

    We guarantee that we can fix any blocked drain plumbing problems you have. We can fix your blocked toilet, blocked sink, blocked sewer, and burst pipes! We offer the best value for money plumber services and we guarantee all our work. Contact us now on 0412 738 874 for a free no obligation phone consultation and quote. Learn more about our blocked drain Melbourne services.

    Emergency Plumber

    What constitute as plumbing emergency? Many people don’t know when it’s time to hire emergency plumbers and when it’s not. Aside from general plumbing maintenance, renovation and upgrade, every plumbing issue is a cause for emergency.

    One of the most common emergency plumbing issues is a blocked drain, which can range from minor annoyance to major nightmare. These plumbing issues can come in different forms. They could also happen at different areas of your plumbing. Blockages can happen in bathrooms, toilets and kitchens. Drains in these areas often deal with soap residues, hairs, and plastics. These materials often find their way through the drain and accumulate. Over time, they will form and completely block the passage of anything through the pipelines. Storm drains are also susceptible to blockages, especially after heavy rains.

    Leaking pipes is another plumbing issue that needs immediate attention. This plumbing problem occurs due to several reasons including foundation shifts, high water pressure, tree roots, corrosion and temperature changes. The more time you put off leaving a leaking pipe, the more you risk the structural integrity of a building or home. It also affects the quality of water in a structure. Aside from these, leaking pipes may also cause warped and stained walls, black mold and flooding.

    Burst pipes is also a common plumbing problem that needs immediate professional attention. Pipes bursting is usually a result of corrosion and aging. Typically, pipes need to be replaced every 10 to 20 years, depending on how well they are maintained. Once they are past working life, the lines will begin to corrode, thus pipes burst may occur. Other reasons for burst pipes include pressure from external sources, clogging, excessive water pressure, ground movement, incorrect pipework and layering, and lastly, improper connections.

    Aside from immediate attention, all these issues are tricky and will usually require high-tech equipment and technical knowledge to resolve. As such, they require the services of a professional emergency plumber.

    Blocked Drain Plumbers are known and trusted across Melbourne to offer the fastest and most reliable emergency plumber services in Melbourne, and we are available 24/7, 365 days a year. We are available on weekends at weekday prices and respond quickly to your blocked drain, sink, toilet or in fact, any emergency plumber Melbourne needs.

    So, if you need an emergency plumber fast that is a Melbourne local, reputable, and is the most trusted plumber in Melbourne, contact us on, we are available 24 hours everyday 7 days a week including all public holidays. Our plumbers will arrive on time and provide a free quote for our plumber services.

    Blocked Toilets

    Blocked toilets are the most unpleasant problem. While it is tempting to flush a toilet or unclog the toilet on your own, without the proper tools, knowledge and training, it is highly advisable to refrain from doing so, as it may aggravate the problem instead and you’ll end up with more mess that you can possibly handle. So leave it to a professional plumbing specialist.

    Clogged toilets can be cause by different factors. One common reason is a jammed trap. Toilet drain pipes all have a u-shaped bend that’s always filled with water. This is called a trap. This u-shaped bend I the toilet is effective at preventing foul odour from the sewer line to enter your house, but it is also prone to clogging. For example: using too much toilet paper or flushing diapers into the trap may cause clogging.

    Most of the time, a blocked toilet is not just a simple problem. Although clogged toilets are often due to sludge build up, there are some instances where in even after cleaning your toilet thoroughly, the problem still persists. In such cases, the issue may lie within your drainage system or in the state of your sewer pipes. In such cases, the plumbing services of a professional is highly recommended, since the job requires experience and skills, as well as, proper plumbing equipment.

    Blocked Sewers

    Sewage systems play a vital role in buildings and homes. They keep the environment safe from flooding and prevent water-borne diseases from infecting people. Because of this, it is vital to do a routine maintenance so that they are always working at optimum. But what do you do when you encounter sewage issues such as blocked sewers?

    Blocked sewers are not an easy plumbing issue as it can occur due to many different reasons. One cause of sewer blockage are tree roots. Since sewer lines are under ground, they are prone to damages by tree roots. As these tree roots damage the line, blockage occurs. Sewer lines are also prone to corrosion. That aside, sewer lines may also be broken or damaged due to absorbing rain water, untreated waste and other unhealthy conditions.

    Humans can also cause blockage to these sewers. For one thing, disposing household items such as cooking oil and grease. All too often, people dispose of grease in these pipelines. As grease and oil pass through the lines, they stick to the pipe lines and starts to cool down and accumulate. Over time, they clog the sewer lines, not allowing a single drop of liquid to pass through.

    When blocked sewers happen, it is best to call a professional to deal with this plumbing issue instead of trying to solve it yourself. A plumbing specialist will know how to remove the clog without further adding damage to your sewer lines.