Clearing A Clogged Drain

Here are some helpful tips for clearing a clogged drain. Before you even call a plumbing professional it is sometimes best to see if you can fix it yourself. Here are some things you can try before calling us at blocked drains Melbourne plumbers.

Step 1:

Start by covering the overflow opening of the basin with wet fabric. If you are having a two sided basin of the kitchen sink, you should cover the other basin’s opening with wet materials though most of the sinks don’t have those overflow vents. If you are having two bathrooms that are back to back in connected rooms, they also might be attached to one drain. If this is the case, you should definitely jam the second basin both at its drain and the overflow vent. Bathtubs and shower facilities have overflow vents and you should cover them all in order for the efficient work of the plunger.

Step 2:

You should then fill the basin with water that is covers the head of the plunger. You might want to coat some petroleum jelly on the lip of the plunger as this will help it to seal better. Put the plunger’s cup on the clogged drain opening and pump in up and down fast. While you are doing this, you will feel the water moving in and out. This water pressure will bring enough strength to break the blockage. After you have made about dozen pumps, remove the plunger quickly. The water should instantly rush out but if it doesn’t, repeat the process another two-three times before turning to a different tool.

Step 3:

You might want to consider using a chemical drain cleaner, if the clogged drain isn’t removed. If the drain is blocked completely, you should stay away from chemical cleaners as they can injure some fixtures. You should use a drain-trap auger instead. First, you should remove the strainer or the popup stopper from the drain and put the wire inside. As you are pushing the wire inside, you should crank the handle while loosening and tightening the thumbscrew as you are moving forward. If you feel an obstruction, move the wire up and down while you are rotating the handle. After you have broken the clog, continue rotating the handle while you are pulling out the auger.

Step 4:

Remove the plugs’ clean-out from below the sink and put a bucket under the sink to catch the dirty water from the clogged drain, if the auger method fails. You can bend a wire coat hanger and push it inside to try and catch the clog. If you cannot, insert the auger to clean out the clog. Work it up towards the basin in order to remove the clog.

Step 5:

If you cannot clean the trap from its opening, remove it. When you have removed the trap, use a wire coat hanger to clean the clog out and then use a brush to clean it out. After that, replace the trap. If you see that the clog isn’t located in the trap, you should insert the auger into the extension of the drain that is connected with the wall. Work the auger down the drain and you will reach the clog, unless it is located in the main drain.

Step 6:

If you are working on a bathtub drain and the plunger doesn’t help, you should push the auger through the opening of the tub. If this fails, remove the overflow plate and push it directly into the pipe and down the drainpipe.
In the next section, you will find information about ways to unclog a floor drain or the main drainpipes.

Things you will need when clearing a blocked drain:
• Plunger
• Wet cloths
• Petroleum jelly
• Drain cleaner
• Auger
• Wire coat hanger
• Bucket
• Stiff brush

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