The sewer system is a great technology. It allows people to safely manage wastewater from their houses or office buildings. But because it is the most used plumbing fixture in buildings and houses, it is also more prone to a wide variety of problems.

Here are some of the most common sewer problems you’ll encounter:

  • Sewer blockage

This happens whenever fat, oil and grease make their way through the pipelines. FOG sticks to the pipes and accumulate; forming a blockade. Blockages may also occur if foreign materials such as plastics, food scraps pass through the sewer lines.

  • Pipe deterioration and corrosion

If the pipes used for your sewer line is made up of materials other than PCV piping, over a period of time, it will deteriorate or will become corroded. Corrosion and deterioration can make the line collapse, thereby completely blocking the flow of wastewater.

  • Broken, collapsed, cracked or misaligned pipes

Pipes get broken, misaligned or cracked when the soil shifts or the ground gets frozen. Sometimes, due to earthquakes they may even end up collapsing.

  • Tree roots

Plant roots can also cause damage to the sewer pipes; though they usually take a bit of time. Trees are attracted to water so they usually creep their way through the sewer line. They create cracks in the pipelines and eventually disrupting the flow of water.

  • Bellied pipe

This term is used when a part of the sewer line has sunk into the ground. This creates an unlevelled area where waste and wastewater converge.

  • Leaking joints

These happens when seals between the pipes get broken. This allows the wastewater to flow out of the sewer line.

Other that these, there are still other problems that can create problems for your sewer lines. To prevent  sewer plumbing issues from arising, it will be best to have your sewer lines check by a professional sewer plumber.

Blocked Sewer Melbourne


A blocked and overflowing sewer is a very unpleasant situation to be in. A sewer problem can smell and affect you and your family health wise since it is hygienically unclean to be exposed to it. All the waste that is flushed down the drains is what you can smell and see when there is a sewer problem at hand.

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For more information on sewer problems watch this video or you can read up more about it by reading what causes Blocked Sewers And Blocked Drains.

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