Biofilm buildup in pipes

Not only is biofilm unsightly, disgusting, and gross, but it is highly hazardous.

If a lot time has passed since you have cleaned your showers and sinks, you might be putting yourself at risk of biofilm. To give a simple definition, biofilm represents the sticky sludge turning up on your plumbing fixtures or other places in your home which are very moist. That slimy ring that is growing around your faucet – well, this is biofilm. Another example of biofilm is the ooze that is coming out with the hairballs you’ve been pulling out of your shower drain.

Biofilm buildup factors and its effects

What exactly is biofilm? Simply put, it is a collection of different types of bacteria and their waste. It is quite unsightly, it smells bad and it is very unpleasant to touch, but it is also dangerous for your health. Keep in mind that although it is very uncommon to contract a serious illness from plumbing, it is definitely not impossible and one of the most common places for that is the kitchen. Some of the ailments that the biofilm is connected to are the Listeria, Salmonella, E.coli, ear infections, Legionnaire’s disease and MRSA. This is why biofilm buildup in pipes is hazardous.

Why your kitchen is at higher risk
The reason for being at higher risk in the kitchen rather than in the bathroom, is because you are dealing with disease vectors (e.g. raw chicken) and they can disperse the bacteria that is growing in your fixtures. Kelly Reynolds, a microbiologist from the University Of Arizona College Of Public Health, explains that the biofilm buildup in metal aeration screens in your kitchen sinks may become so big that it is possible for it to break off and reach your dishes or food.

Other areas of growth
Whilst biofilm buildup in pipes is hazardous, keep in mind that biofilm growth is not limited only to your bathroom and kitchen plumbing. They can build up on cutting boards, dish towels, counters or other places that are in a constant state of getting wet without being disinfected or dried properly. It is very important to keep the good hygiene of your kitchen, bathroom, laundry room or other places which are often in interaction with water. If you suspect you have a severe blocked drain problem and/or have drains that need professional attention in the kitchen, considering you are dealing with food on a day to day basis, it would be advisable to call your experts in drain cleaning and blocked drains.

How to prevent the growth of biofilm?

Cleaning fixtures by hand is the best way by which you can keep biofilm away. Just get a cloth and dampen it, spray it with your preferred cleaning solution and wipe off all stains or mildew the moment they turn up. If you are cleaning fixtures with edges or with spots that are difficult to reach with a sponge, use an old toothbrush. It is advisable to inform yourself on the material your faucet is made of, as some cleaning solutions may damage the finish.

Extra tips:
– A problem that always persists are the clogged drains as the pipes they are a prime location for bacteria to grow because of the moist conditions. If you have had a plumbing backup, always disinfect the surfaces which have come in contact with water. For further advice or service contact your experts in clogged and blocked drains.
– Dental floss can be useful under the faucet handles or between the cracks at scraping away the sludge.
– Scrub off the mineral deposits off fixtures with baking soda.
– Remove the sink aeration screen often and soak it periodically in a bleach bath.
– Always clean your kitchen after you have finished cooking and put extra attention if you have been cooking eggs or raw meat.

If you have any plumbing issues in regards to keeping your drains clean of biofilm, or simply have any questions in regards to biofilm, it is best to contact your expert drain cleaning emergency plumbers.

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