Floor Drain and Main Drainpipe blockage

One of the most effective tools when dealing with blocked floor drains (e.g. showers and basements) is the garden hose, especially in cases where the clog is located far from the opening. The way to proceed is to connect the hose to a tap, push it down the drain pipe blockage as far as you can put some old cloths around the hose at the opening of the drain. Turn the water on maximum power.

If you think that the clog might be located in the main drain pipe, you should find the main clean out. Usually this is a Y-shaped thing, located near the bottom of the soil stack of your home or in a place where the drain is leaving the structure. You should put a bucket under the clean out and also put a lot of cloths so you will be able to soak the flowing water.
You should proceed with a pipe wrench to unscrew the clean out plug carefully in the counterclockwise direction. Once the water has stopped flowing, it is time to put the auger in and remove the blockage.

Another location to check if you haven’t found the blockage is the house trap. It is usually installed underground and has a U-shape. If the main drain of your home is running under the floor, you will be able to find the fitting by locating two adjacent clean-out plugs in the floor. You should put some cloths around the working place before starting the actual work.

You will be able to clear out the clog if it is located in the house trap or between the main clean out and the trap. You should be aware to check beyond the house trap with an auger, if you see water flowing out of the trap. If you are able to remove the clog, you should do it. But if you see that you won’t be able to do that, you should put back the trap plug and reach out to a professional plumber.

Sometimes the plunger and the auger might not be helpful when clearing a clog. This situation is caused by tree roots, grown in the joints – this happens in the main drain pipe on the outside or a floor drain in your basement. If you are in this situation, the most efficient thing you could do is to use an electric rooter or a power auger as it will cut the roots from the pipes while it is going through them. Tool rental stores or home improvement are two places where you can rent a power auger. You will feel the cable straining, if the auger reaches the roots. You should continue pushing it down till you break through the root, then repeat the process again.

Once you have finished, remove the cable carefully. Use the garden hose to run some water through the drain pipe blockage in order to remove any leftover roots. You should put back the clean out plug and flush a toilet a few times before you return the auger. Clean its cable, once you’re sure there are no more tree blockage in the drain.

The drain trap is one of the main and most important parts of the drainage system of your home.

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