Unblock Drain – Vinegar 2

If there is standing water in your tub or the water in the kitchen sink is draining slowly, you might have a clogged drain. You will be able to clean it out with simple items that you have in your household, if you catch it at its early stages. Some of the items that are effective in the fight with clogged drains are baking soda, vinegar, a lot of hot water and borax.

Part 1 of 3: The Mixture

You should start by draining out any excess water from your tub or sinks. It might take some time if the clog is bigger, but it is important to wait and remove the water so your mixture could work more efficiently. You have a few options to choose from to create your own drain cleaner. Most of those mixtures include vinegar and a second substance that can create a chemical reaction with the vinegar. Before starting, you should check if you have those items:

• Lemon juice is acidic base that smells refreshing and it is appropriate for cleaning kitchen sinks.
• Vinegar is another acidic base that will create the desired foaming reaction.
• Baking soda is one of those items that have large use in cleaning.
• Borax is another item that is commonly used as a cleanser with multiple purposes.
• Salt can help in clearing the clog.

Then, you should pour vinegar and the second opening agent in the drain. There is no need for mixing it before you pour it down as it is foam up instantaneously when the reaction happens.

• Lemon juice and baking soda: 1 cup of baking soda combined with 1 cup lemon juice.
• Vinegar and baking soda: half cup of baking soda and half of white vinegar.
• Salt, vinegar and borax: ¼ cup of salt, ¼ cup of borax and ½ of vinegar.

Part 2 of 3: Working the Blocked Drain

Now you have to let the mixture sit for a bit. You should cover the drain using a tub stopper or simply using a steaming hot cloth. You should let it stay like that for about 30 minutes during which the foam will be breaking up the clog. After the time has passed, you should take the plunger and work it by pushing it up and down. This technique will work better if the sink or tub is filled with water as it will create pressure and open up the clog. Then you should use a hanger to pull the clog out. Use a bent metal hanger with a hook at the end. Slowly push it down the drain and twist it around to catch the clog. When you think you have caught it, pull the hanger back. You should be careful not to scratch the tub or sink and untwist the hanger with caution as it will be quite sharp. You can also use a drain snake to catch the clog. Push it down the drain carefully until it gets stuck. Then you need to turn the cable in order to catch the clog. Pull it out and flush with water. It is always a good idea to use work gloves when you are using a metal snake. Also you might consider having a bucket and a towel for the clog.

Part 3 of 3: Flushing

After you have done the previous steps, it is time to boil at least 5 cups of water. Remove the cover from the drain and pour the hot water down. You should avoid using boiling water directly in the drain and you should consider using very hot water, when your piping is made of plastic.

You might need to repeat the process, if the water is draining slowly. If there is something bigger stuck in the drain, you might need to remove it manually or consider reaching out to a plumber when its stops draining completely. Another thing might be helpful is using pressure and gravity to flush the drain. This will be more appropriate if you have a clogged drain as you can fill it with large amounts of water. You should fill it completely with hot water and open the drain in order for the pressure to break the clog.

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Unblock Drain - Vinegar-2
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