What Are The Benefits Of a Good Drainage System?

Most people dream of a home where that offers all the comforts that their earlier homes or apartments were lacking. This is, however, a condition where we invest in a relaxed and less stressful environment.

A home’s foundation has a vital part in the firmness and structure of the dwelling. The substructure has a lot of responsibility. It should stay in its best shape with consistent maintenance that is targeted at preventing water from the seeping through the foundation and the rest of the home.

The lack of a proper or a good drainage system can contribute to flooding, and the collapse of structures especially if the foundations are not genuinely rooted. Maintaining the drainage system inside the house will not cost you anything. And it comes with a lot of benefits.

The benefits of a good drainage system
A well-functioning or good drainage system prevents water build-up, collection and accumulation. This is one of the most significant uses of a good drainage system. It lets the free-flow of water and prevents the accumulation of water that can cause flooding to occur. Drainage systems prevents the collection or accumulation of stagnant or standing water. This also helps discourage and prevent the breeding of mosquitoes.
Drainage systems direct water away from the home. Without a good drainage system, water can over-accumulate in your yard and kill your garden plants.

It decreases the incidence of soil being eroded. The accumulation of water over a period of time usually leads to the degradation of soil, which can bring make the ground surface muddy. As such this can end in the erosion of soil. With a good drainage system, there is no need to worry about washing away from the garden’s topsoil. A good drainage system can aid in maintaining balanced moisture in the garden as well.

Accumulated stagnant water can make soil muddy and may cause the soil to erode. Drainage systems help maintain the balance of moisture in your yard and garden and help reduce soil erosion.
A good drainage system assures healthy living if appropriately maintained. Maintaining the drainage system in regular intervals is imperative. It helps continuously wave possible blockages which may be caused by sediments that have eroded or improperly disposed of waste.

Drainage systems help remove toxic materials and disease-causing organisms from your home. Non-stop or heavy rainfall may cause water to collect, rise and can result into flash floods, specifically if you live close to a water body like a river or creek. Most of the time flash floods carry contaminated or polluted water into the soil. A good drainage system can help remove toxic chemicals and materials by removing and draining them away from your property or yard.

Some disadvantages of drainage systems
Drainage systems are expensive. Having a drainage system installed costs a lot of money. Most of the time, you end up paying a high price, especially if you hire professional help to install the system for you. You also need to get a permit to install a drainage system, especially if the project requires multiple channels and deep excavations.

Drainage systems require regular maintenance. Periodic maintenance of the system is necessary to keep it functioning correctly all the time. All outlets and ditches of the subsurface system should be free from clogs and blockages which may have been caused by the build-up of sediments. Make sure to check the system for debris and that they should not seal the inlet covers. Make sure to also replace tiles that break in the system. As part of maintenance, remove water-loving trees like willows, soft maple, elm, and cottonwood, from within 100 feet or 30 metres of the drain to keep it from being clogged by overgrown tree-roots, fallen leaves, and branches from these trees. Iron oxide or ochre can block your drain pipes as well, therefore, be constantly on the look-out for it.

Drainage systems can contaminate bodies of water close by. In a study conducted it showed that drainage systems contribute to contamination problems, especially if they are not properly maintained. According to the study, an underground drainage system carries nitrate through the drainpipes and channel it directly into bodies of water such as rivers, streams, and lakes.

Drainage systems have very good advantages that help keep your premises clean and free of toxic materials. A good drainage system also keeps the home safe from wastewater backup if they are properly maintained.

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