Ways To Conserve Water In Your Bathroom

Today, many people are going “green” in order to do their part in saving the environment. One of the simplest things we could all do to help out nature is to reduce our water usage. You should know that it is very easy to do so, especially in your bathroom. Finding out different way to conserve water in your bathroom can be fun, especially if you get the family involved.

Methods to conserve water in your bathroom

1. Turn off the water
Many of us have the tendency to keep the water tap on while we are washing our face or brushing our teeth. You should know that if you have this habit, you are probably wasting litres of water per year. Turn the tap off once you are brushing – you will be making a big difference in your usage of water and water bills. Furthermore we must be mindful about the amount of water we are using for even the simplest things like washing our hands.

2. Shaving smarter
If you are used to keeping the water running while you are shaving in the morning, you should consider grabbing a bowl, filling it with water and using the water in the bowl when shaving. You would be using less water this way rather than letting you tap run.

3. Buckets
If you usually wait for the water in the shower to heat up, you are wasting a lot of water even though it is cold. Think about putting a bucket in the shower to catch the escaping water. You can water your plants or clean your bathroom with it.

4. Baths versus showers
Keep in mind that showering utilises a significant less amount of water in comparison to taking baths. You can check if this theory holds up to you by closing the drain when you are showering. If it doesn’t hold true, think about changing your routine.

5. Time
If you spend less time in the shower, you will not only conserve more water but you will also save time. Set a timer to about 5 minutes before you go into the shower. This way you will be able to prepare yourself quicker every morning and you will save a lot of water. Another method that saves water and time is brushing your teeth while you are in the shower.

6. Call a plumber for assistance
If you see that your tap has been dripping or if you think you have a leaking pipe or even a burst pipe in the bathroom, you should definitely call a plumber to fix it. You are wasting more and more water with each day that you prolong procurement of plumbings services.

7. Getting a new toilet
You should definitely consider going shopping for a new toilet if you current one is more than a decade old. The older ones are using a greater amount of water than the new, more efficient models. This can mean the difference between litres and litres of water. Furthermore, newer toilets have elongated bowls which many people consider to be more comfortable and also there are higher toilets that might be more convenient for your household.

8. Garbage can in the bathroom
A lot of people have the habit of disposing things like Q-tips or facial tissues in the toilet, if you have this habit, you should know that you are wasting water as you flush the toilet more. A trash can in the bathroom always comes in handy. Additionally, this prevent blockages that may occur which are always a pain.

Hopefully these tips will convince you to change wasteful habits you may have. If you want to get more advice or help on ways to conserve water in your bathroom, it’s advisable you call your experts in blocked drains, emergency plumbing, and drain cleaning plumbers in Melbourne. We are always there to help you with everything from installing your new, more
efficient toilet to repairing a leaky fixture or a pipe.

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