DIY Water Heater 101 – Help us by knowing your water heater.

For many people the water heater is a complete mystery as they know they have hot water in their house, but beyond that, they know little else.

There are a number of things that you should be aware of when it comes to your water heater. What type of fuel does it use? Or if it is storing water in a tank?

In emergencies, you will need more information to provide the technicians with as this is an important appliance that requires professional help. If you want to be ready for those unpleasant situations, read through to meet your water heater.

Shape and Size are a Start

The capacity of the heater’s storage is one of the easiest things that you could determine. A water heater either has tanks in which water is stored and heated or they are pulling the water from the pipes and flash heat it. The size of your heater cannot determine its storage capacity as many tank heaters are both small and productive. You should, instead, look at its shape.

No matter the capacity of the storage, a water heater that has a tank has a round shape. The devices that don’t have tanks are attached to the wall and represent a square panel. Tank-less heaters could also be put in the basement or in the utility closet on the wall. Those devices are heaters for the whole house. Also tank-less heater will be put in closely to the appliance they are serving (e.g. shower, tub or a dishwasher).

Hybrid Water Heater

A hybrid water heater unit is most commonly represented by a small circular section and a panel. Though they are storing a smaller amount of water, they are able to heat it quicker than other models. Its design – panel and small tank – it very easy to see.

Electric or Gas?

This is the next thing that you should be aware of – what is the fuel source of your water heater. The most common options are electric and natural gas, but you could also see devices with solar power or thermal energy though they are less common.

Checking the name plate is the simplest way through which you can find out if your water heater is electric. The plate is most commonly located at the bottom of the panel or tank and it has a lot of information to give like:
• liter capacity – it shows how much water does the heater hold
• Dimensions
• Energy Efficiency rating
• Recovery rate – shows how long does it take for the water in the storage tank to be heated

Other things that you will notice if your water heater is electric is the wattage capacity and the voltage measurement. If there is voltage listed on the name plate, then your water heater is electric.

Sometimes the name plate is missing and in those situations, you must search the front of the unit for screws. You should be able to remove the panel of a storage water heater and then you should look for a blue frame. Usually, this is an indication that your heater is using gas. You should be careful when doing this operation.

Other Kinds of Water Heater

Most of our houses are equipped with either an electric or a gas water heater. But there are several other types that should be mentioned.
• Solar water heaters – Some of the energy in your home is coming from solar panels.
• Heat pump water heaters – Those usually move the heat around in order to generate the energy that is needed to heat the water up. Your heater is a heat pump, if your house is equipped with geothermal cooling and heating.
• Indirect water heaters – This type of heaters is relying the heating of the house on fuel to heat the water and are not equipped with a separate heat source.

You should take in mind the source of energy that your home is using in order to find out what heater you are using (when you do not have electric or gas water heaters).

If you want to learn more, you should visit our FAQ page where you will find more information that answers all of your questions.

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