Water Conservation Tips

Earth day is a day where we can all reflect on the usage of our resources. Most of us would realise we take the earth for granted, therefore on Earth Day, we should all consider new methods of utilising the earth’s natural resources more efficiently. Water is one of the most important aspects in our lives in providing good health and sanitation. However, many do not consider the litres of fresh and clean drinking water that is sent down the drain every day. Many parts of Australia have seen the devastating effects of drought and it is up to us Australians to help conserve water for the future. It is absolutely important that we teach younger generations the importance of being resourceful and educate them on water conservation tips.

List of water conservation tips to be utilised in your home.

– New appliances: It is completely possible that your appliances are wasting too much water, especially if they are old. It is always best to consider newer models because they are cutting down the water usage due to efficiency technologies.

– Water-efficient fixtures: If you are thinking about replacing your taps, consider getting ones which are low-flow equipped. There are also low-flow toilets and shower heads which are reducing the water consumption even more.

– Scrape instead of rinse: You probably don’t know it but dishwashers are using less water than the amount used for hand-washing and with rinsing the plates in the sink, you are reducing the advantage you have. Scrape off the leftover food and put it into the garbage and consider using the sink as rarely as possible.

– Fixing leaky tap: Don’t wait any longer and put a new seal on that leaky tap, a leaky tap can turn into a burst pipe if fixed the wrong way, so it might be a good idea to call your leaks and burst pipes specialists. You might not think that a small leak won’t matter much but in the long run, however it amounts to litres of water lost.

– Home water recycling: This is a big one for the truly ͞green͟ ones amongst you. There is a low-tech option to recycle water and that is e.g. to put a bucket under the shower and catch all the excess water to use it later in your garden. There are systems that are collecting the water that has been used from your bathroom sink, shower and your washing machine, filtering it and sending it back to your outdoor hoses or toilets.

– Recruit your whole family: You will find that your kids will be your biggest supporters in your efforts to conserve water, especially if they know that they will be saving the planet. Encourage your family not to shower a for long time or to turn the water off while they are brushing their teeth. Litres of water will be saved per day and you will see the difference in your water bill.

Hopefully you keep these water conservation tips in your mind next time you are using large amounts of water. Conserving and reducing consumption of water is important for the environment and to the future well-being of Australians. Most importantly, reducing your water wastage will significantly lower your water bills.

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