PWS blocked drain plumbers are friendly and reliable. They were quick to respond to our enquiry and we found that they provided the best deal in terms of price. They did a really great job and left our place in a clean and presentable condition. We would definitely use their service again.”




“We had a blocked sink and PWS provided an excellent quality service clearing the problem quickly and with minimum headaches. They were on time, polite and quick. The service was cheap relative to the other quotes we received. We had tried to fix the problem ourselves using draino but it only made the problem worse so it was nice to have a qualified plumber get rid of the problem once and for all. We were very happy and got them to do further work including installing a new bath and basin in our bathroom.”




“We have an old paper bark tree at the front of our property and the tree roots blocked our drain over time. The tree roots entered through a broken section of the pipe and completely blocked the drain. Thanks to PWS for not only coming out promptly and fixing the blockage but also for digging up and repairing the break with minimum damage to our garden.”



“Thanks PWS for a great service and fixing our bidet!”





 “Our shower overflowed due to a blockage. Thank you to PWS blocked drain plumbers for clearing the blockage”





“Our three year old flushed a toy down the toilet causing a blockage. We called PWS blocked drain plumbers and they were quick to attend our house to fix the problem. They were very courteous and nice to deal with and were fast to unblock our toilet.”


                                                                           CUSTOMER, HAWTHORN

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