Stormwater Drain Maintenance 101

Are you wondering if it’s worth it to do regular stormwater drain maintenance? What will happen if you don’t maintain your stormwater drains? People often ponder on these thoughts, especially during rainy seasons. But the consequences of not properly maintain a storm drain can be quite vexing.

As you may already know, storm and heavy rains casually hit Melbourne every now and then. According to Geoscience Australia, an average of 10 cyclones develop over Australian waters annually and about 6 of those will cross the coast. One or two will most likely hit Victoria and Melbourne. In addition, Melbourne also get an annual average rainfall of about 531mm. While these weather conditions may not seem much, it is important to make sure that your stormwater drains are well maintained.

You don’t want to encounter a blocked stormwater drain while there’s heavy rain. At this point, all you can do is to wait it out and get a drain cleaning Melbourne expert to unclog your drain after the storm. By then, the extent of damage could be more costly. Aside from a flooded garden or backyard, there is a high probability that wastes from your sewer can also get mixed up in the stormwater. Thereby creating more damage to your property.
Doing proper stormwater drain maintenance will not only save you money. It can also keep your property clean and protect the health and well-being of everyone in your home, as well as nearby residents.

Stormwater Drain Maintenance Tips

Always remember that the best time to inspect the storm drain is before a rainstorm. To start with, make sure to remove all the leaves and debris in your gutter. This will make sure that the water will freely flow from the gutter to the downpipe. If your gutter doesn’t have a filter, it will better if you get a plumber to create a filter for you. This will make sure that no leaves or large debris will enter the downpipe. Try to run water through your gutter to make sure water is freely flowing.

Go to the curb and remove the leaves and debris on the top of the grate. Please take note that you shouldn’t remove the grate. Only remove the debris on top of it. Put the leaves and debris in your debris roll cart. Do not rake or blow them into the streets since they can become slippery when wet and may pose hazard to passers-by.
During fall seasons, get rid and monitor the catch basin. During rainy seasons and winter, make sure to remove all debris from the catch basin. You should also do this before and after a storm. In addition, you should also create a 10 to 12-inch path from the curb to the catch basin, when the snow and ice starts melting.

Unblocking Storm Water Drain

If you have a blocked stormwater drain, do not attempt to clear the blockage on your own. Instead, seek the aid of a professional. Blocked storm water drains need high tech machines in order to solve. When you seek the help of a drain cleaning Melbourne specialists, be sure to request for a high-water pressure drainage machine, since this machine is commonly effective in such situations.

If you need professional help on a blocked drains Melbourne, contact the blocked drain experts on 0412 738 874 or leave a message.

Helpful details for a Blocked Drain and Emergency Plumber situation:

Triple zero – 000
City of Melbourne – Floods and Storms
Yarra Valley Water
Victoria State Emergency Service

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