Pros and Cons of Enzyme Drain Cleaners

When faced with blocked drain, most people use chemical-based drain cleaners to resolve the plumbing issue. Most homeowners also use these drain cleaners for maintaining their drains. However, aside from producing harmful fumes, these cleaners can often do more damage to the draining system rather than maintain them. Thankfully, there is a safer alternative to chemical-based drain cleaners, and these are enzyme drain cleaners.

One of the best things about enzyme-based drain cleaners is that they are highly effective in removing blockages in the drain. In fact, they are recommended by many trusted and affordable drain cleaning Melbourne specialists because they are safer for the environment. And best of all, they do not produce foul odour when used to remove drain blockages.

Enzyme drain cleaners do not contain harmful chemicals such as sulfuric acid and hydrochloric acid. As you may already know, these chemicals can cause burns, severe tissue damage, severe eye and respiratory tract irritation. Instead of chemicals, enzyme-based drain cleaning solutions contain a type of bacteria culture or concentrated enzymes.

These enzymes degrade fats, oil and grease that build up in the drainpipes. These are deigned to eliminate live organisms such as mold and mildew from pipes. Furthermore, they are also able to break down food particles and other organic materials stuck in your drain system. The microscopic living organisms contained within these drain cleaners digest the waste and reproduce. Over a period of time, they spread through the drain lines and prevent further build up in the future.

Unlike chemical based drain cleaners, enzyme drain cleaning products are safe for use in a wide variety of plumbing fixtures. They have low environmental impact and are less expensive. This means that not only are you helping reduce environmental pollution, but you will also save a lot of money in the long run. Using these enzyme-based drain cleaners is also extremely easy, since there aren’t a lot of directions that you need to follow.

While they seem like the perfect solution for maintaining drain systems and for removing drain blockages, there are a few disadvantages to using enzyme drain cleaners. For one thing, since these contain bacteria and enzymes, they have shorter shelf life than chemical cleaners.

And since they have shorter shelf life, these cleaners are not as readily available in local stores. There may be a few local stores that sell them, however, finding these stores may take time. However, you can always order them from online stores like Fix A Tap or Bunnings.

Lastly, unlike chemical-based cleaners, enzyme drain cleaners take more time to effectively remove drain blockages. Usually, it will take hours for them to clear your drain from all types of blockages. Most users will pour these drain cleaners on the drain and leave them overnight.

Nevertheless, these cons are easily overweighed by the advantages of using enzyme drain cleaners. This is especially true if want to save money for your drain maintenance and would like to keep your drains in tiptop shape for much longer. You would also feel more relieved knowing that you’re one step closer to living an environmentally-friendly life.

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