New Bathtub Technologies

When we have a long stressful day, there is no better method of relaxing than a good relaxing bath. Setting the mood right with fancy soaps, salts or candles might not be enough sometimes. But the good news is that today there are bathtubs with advanced technologies that will bring your bath experience to a whole new level. New bathtub technologies focus on trying to increase our relaxation experience in the comfort of our new home. Read on to see the new bathtub technologies available in the market.

Basic Massaging Tubs

It may not be enough just to lay in a bath so why don’t you invest in getting a tub which goes the extra mile to help you relax?

– Whirlpool bathtub: This one is for the real bubble lovers. The whirlpool baths are also known as hydro massage baths and what they essentially do is pump jets of water around the tub. It is very similar to a hot tub.

– Bubble massage bath: We all know that with some dish soap, we could make a traditional bubble bath but the bubble massage bath is a whole different thing. Those baths are blowing air bubbles from small jets in the bathtub and create experiences similar to a massage.

– Combination bath: If you cannot decide between the whirlpool and the bubble massage bath, you can get a tub that has both. All family members can relax as the tub has both jets and small bubbles option at your disposal.

– Indoor hot tub: Everyone loves the feeling they get when they step into the hot steaming bath but everyone also knows how frustrating it is when the water cools down. Today, you can find indoor tubs that have built-in heaters which keep your preferred water temperature for as long as you need it.

The Real Deal Tech

If heat and bubbles don’t do anything for you, check out some of the high-tech marvels for your bathing time:

– Sliding faucets: Many people hate fiddling with the handles of the faucet to get the exact temperature of water they want and there is an upgrade for that. There are newfangled faucets with which you just slide a bar and get the exact flow and temperature you desire.

– Chromatherapy tubs: This is the ultimate bathtub experience with colored lights that are dazzling you while you are in the tub. They often come in a combination with a whirlpool bath in order to allow you to have the ultimate spa treatment in your home.

– Smart tech: For a more personalized bathing experience, you can install smart tech into your bathroom which you can control right from your tablet or your smartphone. Every person in your household has the opportunity to have their preferences set up and then the tub does all the work. There are endless options from temperature and water level to a voice system which tells you when the bath is ready.

– TV: If you love taking a bath but hate the fact that you are missing your favorite TV show, you can have an LCD TV that is bathroom-safe installed above your tub. The technology allows for the screen to be installed into a wall mirror in order for the TV to be unobtrusive and undetectable until you decide to switch it on.

If you choose to invest in a new tub, it is of utmost importance to learn how to maintain it. You have already invested so much money and time on it, you should have the time to learn how to clean these bathtubs and all components including the drains. Furthermore, installation of such bathtubs require a qualified plumber, if you have made the mistake of making this a DIY project and have created a burst pipe or emergency plumbing situation. It is best to call you local emergency plumbing specialists, as they can aid in fixing leaks and burst pipes and furthermore, help you with the installation of your bathtub.

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