How to Install a New Tap

If you have an old bathroom or kitchen tap and it is leaking all the time, or you just think it is time for a change, you can easily install a new fixture by yourself. Knowing how to install a new tap is a great skill to have. Read below to learn some of the best tips on getting your sink looking great. Also, you should know that depending on the old and new fixtures, the steps of their replacement and installation can vary so it is always best to take a look at the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

You should call an expert plumber if the leaks have turned into bursts, but if they are a small leak, you are more than adequate on doing the job yourself, but again, if you just aren’t comfortable doing so, call your local plumber.

Steps to Keep in Mind When Installing a Tap

Before you begin
Unless you want to end up with a house full of water, the first and most pivotal thing you should do is to turn off the water. Most of the sinks are equipped with a shutoff valve which is located on the pipe below them but if you are unable to find one, you should shut off the entire water supply to the house. When you have successfully shut down the water, you should open the tap in order to drain all the water that is left inside.

Next, you should do is to remove all water sources from the tap. You can do that with a basin wrench or by hand but it all depends on the setup of the fixture. Remember to disconnect all parts that are connecting the tap to the sink (e.g. lift rod) and then unscrew all the nuts that are keeping the fixture down. After you have done all that, you can remove the fixture securely, and safely.

Put the new tap on and finish it with a gasket, putty or a sealant in order to prevent leaks. Then you should tighten all nuts to keep the tap in place and screw the handles on (unless they are already installed). Put back the lift rod into the drain and screw the water line into the taps’ below. You now have to test to see if you have done a good job. Do that by turning the water on and running both cold and hot settings for about two/three minutes. Inspect the sink (above and below) for any leaks and if you find any, you need to perform the previous steps again, tightening the nuts better and making sure that the sealant and gaskets are properly put.

You must also know that there are taps that require the installation of a new drain and their installation becomes more complicated. If the job seems too complicated, in would be the best idea to call your expert plumbers in Melbourne. Keep in mind that you should not hold any embarrassment in calling a professional to do the job. Sometimes issues like inaccessible fittings or corroded pipes may ruin your DIY job. If you see that you cannot do it by yourself, call a professional plumber as you may end up increasing the damage to your plumbing system, taps and sinks. Moreover, calling a professional plumber can give you expert guidance in how to install a new tap later in the future.

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