How to fix a blocked toilet

Below, we will show you ways on how to fix a blocked toilet. Also we will show you how to find the cause of the blockage as knowing what the cause is helps fix the toilet the proper way.

Slow flushing or back up of a toilet – how to fix a blocked toilet or sewer drain?

It is completely normal for a modern toilet to receive urine, feces or human water and all those must be disposed of in a sanitary manner.



Here we will show you what to do if your toilet is backed up. It is important to know that sewage backups and spills out of the toilets need immediate cleaning but also you may be subjected to bacterial hazards.

How do you know if the soil stack or the sewer line are clogged?

Toilet overflow or a backup when flushing the toilet may point to a clogged drain pipe or a clog in the toilet itself.

Before you take the plunger it is important to find out the cause of the clog. Sometimes a person (children most often) drop things in the toilet by mistake and you wouldn’t want to work with the plunger as you will push it further down the piping. In this situation, the removal of the blockage will be more complex and expensive.

Sometimes you can remove the obstruction with a wire inserted in the toilet drain or you may also decide to completely remove the toilet. We have heard of both cases when children or pets even have mistakenly flushed objects down the toilet.

If one toilet in your home is flushing slowly but the other drains are working properly, you might have a blockage located near the toilet.

Unclog a toilet with a plunger

If you are sure that no one has flushed any objects in the toilet, you should first try using a plunger. To reduce the unsanitary splashing, you might want to consider waiting for the water or sewage levels to lower themselves, if there is a sewage.
The toilet plunger is extremely effective if the blockage is located close to the fixture. Often you need water in order for the plunger to work properly. If your drain line is almost full or completely full of waste and water, you should flush the toilet and begin plunging as the water has started flowing down the drain. You should keep in mind that if the drain is not full, you might have a slow drain and not a blocked one.

When you are working with the plunger, you should make sure that all sink traps, vents or overflow openings that are located near the drain are plugged. You might not need to do that if you are working on a blocked toilet, but it is important to remember it for clogged tubs or sinks.

And most importantly – don’t give up. You might need to work with the plunger a couple of times before you have unclogged the toilet.

You should also remember not to flush the toilet if the water and waste in the bowl are already at high levels. This will bring a certain overflow of the toilet. About your safety – immediately wash your skin if you have been in contact with toilet water. The same goes with clothes too. You are risking getting an infection every time you touch your eyes, mouth or even cuts with dirty hands.

A useful thing you can do is to rent a portable toilet, if you see that the problem is bigger and that you won’t be able to unclog the toilet immediately.

There are toilet troubles that can be fixed quite easily but there are also those that may require a diagnosis and repair at a higher level.

When we are talking about simple inspections, you might need to take a look into the toilet tank top. Just lift it and carefully place it somewhere you know that you won’t break it.

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how to fix a blocked toilet

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