How to Clean Your Bathtub

Ever wondered how to clean your bathtub properly?

Is your bathtub drain running slow? Does it take forever to get rid of all the water? Is your tub drain giving off a strange odour? Then chances are, there is a build up of hair and/or soap scum inside your bathtub drain. Now initially, you may be thinking of having a drain cleaning Melbourne expert to fix these plumbing issues. However, these issues are just minor, and you can even solve them with these easy and effective drain cleaning methods.

Since you are cleaning your bathtub, you’re going to need tools. Be sure to have a flat head or slotted screwdriver or a Philips screwdriver. You should also get a pair of longnose pliers and an auger or snake or a coat wire hanger formed into a hook. Finally, make sure to have baking soda, lemon juice and hot water ready.

Disassemble the pop-up drain stopper and gain access to the drain using your screwdriver. If you don’t know how to do this, here is a YouTube video that will help. After you removed the drain stopper, you can see a lot of hair and soap scum in the drain. Take them out using your longnose pliers. Then, for blockages that are stuck deeper than your longnose pliers can reach, you can use the makeshift hook. Take as much hair, soap scum or plastic as you can.

Once you’ve taken out all the hair and mess that you can inside the drain, the next step is to pour baking soda into your drain. Then pour lemon juice into the drain and leave the mixture for more than 15 minutes. The next step is for you to run hot water into the tub drain for about 2-3 minutes. Aside from removing all the dirt inside you drainpipes, the hot water will also disinfect your drain. After this, it is time for you to test the bathtub drain.

Now, if your tub is still draining slowly, remove the remaining water. Pour baking soda and salt into the drain. Then, pour hot vinegar into the drain. Wait for about an hour or overnight before pouring hot water into the drain. Then test your drain again.

If none of the drain cleaning methods you have read here was able to fix your bathtub drain issue, then there may be an underlying issue with your bathtub drain and it high time you call in a plumbing specialist. Blocked Drain Plumbers is the number one drain cleaning specialist in Melbourne. With over 20+ years of experience and our high-end equipment, there is no plumbing emergency that we cannot handle.

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