Household Items that Should Never Go Down the Drain

Ever wondered what household items that should never go down the drain?

While people know how food affects their health, it is simply hard for them to find a direct connection between their health and the personal care products and household cleaning products they use at home. And if they do, they will have a strong urge to throw most of them away. Nevertheless, not everyone has access to “all-natural” products or many can’t seem to prove their effectivity for themselves, which is why they continue to use chemical-based products.

Regardless of their safety and effectivity, there are food, personal care and household cleaning products that should never go down your drain as they can cause blockages and pipe damages. If think you have been throwing these products down your drains, then it may be time for you to get help from a drain cleaning Melbourne specialist since these products are not as easy to get rid of as one might think. Nevertheless, we have blog posts here that you can try to do before calling in a specialist. Anyway, here are the household items that you should never throw down your drain:

• Cooking oil
• Fats or grease from butter and other dairy products, gravy, lard and even meat drippings
• Food scraps
• Perfumes, colognes, aftershave, soap, hair dye, hair spray and other personal care products
• Make up, make up removers, nail polish and other beauty products
• Coatings, paints and stains
• Solvents oven cleaners, metal cleaners and jewellery cleaners
• Paint thinners, degreasers and strippers
• Bleach and ammonia
• Single-use batteries
• Fertilisers and pesticides
• Motor oils and vehicular cleaning products
• Swimming pool chemicals
• Diapers, cleaning wipes, toilet tissues and table napkins
• Lubricating oils including vehicular lubricants, personal lubricants and petroleum jelly

This in not an extensive list, but this should give you an insight as to what household items you have that should not be thrown. It is also important to let your family members know about this list as to prevent a variety of plumbing issues.

Every now and then, you may also want to clean your drains just in case someone accidentally threw used cooking oil or any of the household items on the list into your drain. You should also remember that aside from the ones on the list, there are still some items that can clog your drains such as hair, dust, etc. Doing a routine drain cleaning using ordinary household items such as baking soda, borax, lemon juice, vinegar, table salt and washing soda can help prevent tons of plumbing problems.

If you are already having plumbing problems such as blocked drain, pipe leaks and burst pipes, it is best to call in a reliable and trusted emergency plumber like Blocked Drain Plumbers on 0412 738 874 or leave a message.

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