Finding the main water valve

It is important to know where the main water valve is .The primary water shut off valve is one of the various switches and valves in your house. This valve is in charge of shutting off the water supply in your entire home. All it takes is just one clockwise turn. The water in the house doesn’t have to be shut off often but there are particular occasions which it would be wise to know how to. No matter what, every homeowner has to be aware of how to find the valve and when to shut the water off, because sometimes time is a factor.

Plumbing Emergencies

A plumbing emergency is one of the main reasons why you should know how to shut off the main water valve off. Emergencies that can make you do that can include burst pipes, backed up sewer drains or a flooding from a storm as water is entering your home. If you are able to shut off the supply of water to your house, you will be able to stop water from flowing and also decrease the damage that it can do.

Major Renovations

Specific home renovations, where there is work that requires plumbing work and your deciding to do it yourself, it is essential to know how to turn off the main water valve.

Vacations and Holidays

When you are planning your vacation, you should consider shutting off the main valve in order to save water or in order to avoid damages if there are water leaks. This is a situation that comes in play rarely but as your house won’t be needing water, why risk it? No one likes to end their vacation with a damaged house and a big mess.

How to Find the Valve

If you are unaware of where the valve is located, finding it during a plumbing emergency can prove itself to be a hard task. You will usually find the valve inside your home close to the water heater or in the place where the cold water pipe comes in. Most of the water shut off valves are identified by a bright red handle. A strong clockwise turn will shut off your water supply.

Tell Everyone

It is always a good idea to let every family member know where the valve is located and how to shut it off in a situation where you aren’t at home and the water need to be stopped. Give them a short lesson of where to find the main water shut off, how to stop the water supply and play over a few situations where they have to shut off the water. You might think that this is a bit unnecessary but in the end you will see that being ready for every situation is certainly paying off.

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