Drinking Water From Reverse Osmosis

Have you ever thought about the contaminants that your drinking water may contain? If you have, you probably know that there are different kinds of chemicals, bacteria, waste particles and other contaminants that may be coming out of the taps’ water. Reverse osmosis is one of the best options that you can try to get fresh and clean water in your household. You can enjoy the water coming straight from your tap and save money from buying bottled water.

It all comes down to the micron

The reverse osmosis system represents filters and tubes that are cleansing water from different types of impurities. What you get from this system, is water that not only looks and smells better but it tastes better and is also better for you and your health.

The system is very simple. The water flows into the reverse osmosis equipment, it then gets filtered via a membrane and then goes to your tap without all the hazardous contaminants. On a larger scale, this is the exact same technology that is being utilised to turn ocean water into drinking water. You may not know it, but you have had drinking water from reverse osmosis before!

Different membranes will be in use, some membranes are removing particles that are larger than .001 microns, some membranes are removing even smaller particles. To give you a visual representation, the membranes are small enough to filter a single blood cell or a virus, or a single celled bacterium. Other common filters are removing particles that are visible to the human eye but reverse osmosis is removing much smaller contaminants.

Are you tired of bottled water?

The reverse osmosis system is usually put under the sink and filters the water while it is traveling to the tap. Depending on the model of the system, the process can be very slow, e.g. filtering between 1/2 a litre to 3 litre of water per hour. But those systems are usually equipped with a storage tank that keeps clean water ready for you to use.

The process of getting drinking water from reverse osmosis can be very simple. If you decide to install a reverse osmosis system, the only maintenance you will need to perform is to periodically change the filter. The time frame to do that can vary but most the systems are designed to filter between 1500 and 5000 litres of water in their lifespan. Depending on the frequency in which you run the tap in your kitchen, that amount of water could last for several years of clean drinking water.

Depending on the water pressure, temperature and the processing time you might need, there is a specific reverse osmosis system that will fit your needs. You should contact your drain cleaning plumber and sink specialists in order to get more information on the way the system works and also to get the proper one installed.

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