Do It yourself Ways on How To Unclog A Sewer Drain?

Main sewer blockage can become a huge problem to a house’s plumbing. Instead of letting the waste from the sink and toilet drain out of your house, a clog in the main sewer may just cause the waste to go back up into your bowl, tub or shower. Now, at this point, it would seem that calling a plumber is the right thing to do. But getting the services of a plumber can cost quite a bit.

So then, why don’t you unclog a sewer drain yourself? If you don’t know how to do this, here are some tips to help you unclog a sewer drain. Bear in mind that although these tasks may be dirty and will require physical effort from you, it should also save you money. So prepare yourself mentally and physically.

Before starting to work on the clog, make sure to gather all the tools that you will need. These tools include pipe wrench, heavy-duty gloves, plumbing snake or professional-grade auger, and lastly, a garden hose.
The first step you need to take is to unclog a sewer drain is to clean the clogs on the main sewer line. By using a pipe wrench, you can loosen the cap on the main line drain pipe by using a pipe wrench.

Then, allow the stored build-up to drain out by opening the cap. Make sure that the sewer line is entirely drain. Do not move on to the next steps unless you the build-up is completely removed.

Next, insert the plumbing snake or auger cable into the pipe. There are various kinds of plumbing snake and each has a different set of usage instructions. Make sure to follow the instructions on how to use them correctly so that you can unclog a sewer drain. But usually, you have to insert the cable into the drain until it reaches the blockage.

Don’t stop running the auger, not until the clog is completely removed or cleared. The running auger will clear and remove the clog once it reaches it. After you’ve reached and removed the clog, you will notice that the water level in your pipes will decrease and later it will drain out completely. Even after the clog disappears, continue to run the auger in order to get rid of the smaller clogs that may cause problems in the future. Allow the auger to remove this while it is down the pipes.

Slowly pull out the auger from the pipe. Carefully and slowly pull out the auger from the pipe as it collects and removes the debris inside the pipes. Then, remove debris stuck on the auger using a garden hose or a hydraulic water jet.

Lastly, put the cap back on the drain pipe using your pipe wrench. Make sure that it is tightened and well-attached.

Now, these simple steps should be able to unclog a sewer drain. Nevertheless, if these steps doesn’t fic the problem or if you run into a complex issue like tree or shrub roots while you’re doing these, then you can always contact a licensed plumber. Contact us now and our team of experts will be more than happy to help you get rid of your sewage problem.

If you need professional help on a unblocking a toilet or blocked drains, contact the blocked drain experts on 0412 738 874 or leave a message.

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