Dangers of Using Chemical Drain Cleaners

There are definite dangers of using chemical drain cleaners.

Chemical drain cleaners are one of the most preferred methods for cleaning residential drains. Before calling a drain cleaning Melbourne specialist, normally, people will use chemical cleaners. They also use these household cleaners for maintaining their plumbing system. However, are these chemical cleaners really provide a better way to maintain and prevent plumbing issues? Are they a better option than homemade drain cleaners? What are the dangers of using chemical drain cleaners?

Now first of all, chemical drain cleaners are dangerous to children and pets. These drain cleaners contain chemicals that are lethal to children and pets. No matter how good you are as a parent or pet owner, keeping these cleaners at your home increases the possible exposure of your pets or children to toxic materials.

People often think that when dealing with these chemical-based drain cleaners, all they need to do is to pour it down the drain and all their plumbing problems will disappear. Many users don’t even bother reading their directions and take necessary precautions when using them. If you intend on using chemical drain cleaners, make sure to read the directions and precautions on their label.

When using these household products, one must make sure that the area is well-ventilated. They should never be mixed with other drain cleaners. The user also needs to wear rubber gloves and never to use plunger along with these household products. If one fails to adhere to these safety reminders, then you can expect more problems other than blocked drain.

Chemical-based drain cleaners usually contain bleach and other highly toxic chemicals that emit gases. These chemicals cannot be easily removed. When you pour these chemical drain cleaners down your drain, and flush them out; they get into your septic tank. Then they get filtered and released to the ground water. And they often end up getting into the water supply, which poses so much danger not only to humans, but the wildlife as well.

Chemical drain cleaners only provide short-term solution. In addition, they are only effective against some types of clogs. There are certain types of blockages that they cannot dissolve like tree roots – which require the expertise of a skilled plumber. And the ones that they can solve, can also be removed by natural, homemade drain cleaners.

While chemical drain cleaners are made to dissolve or cut through blockages in the drain, they also contain chemicals that can corrode your pipes. Repeated use of these chemical drain cleaners for over a long period of time can eventually cause holes to form in your pipes and causing leaks. Prolonged use of these chemical-based products can lead to early pipes replacement.

Instead of using chemical drain cleaners, it will be much better to stick with natural, eco-friendly or homemade drain cleaners. And if these safe drain cleaners don’t work, it’s for certain that the chemical-based cleaners won’t work either. At times like these, call a professional like Blocked Drain Plumbers, who has the skill, experience and tools to deal with any type of blocked drains.

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