Blocked Drain

Blocked Drain Plumbers have specialised in blocked drains for over 15+ years. We know inside-out all the blocked drain problems you might encounter, whether you are residential or a commercial business. We can fix the standard blocked toilet you might have at home or do massive dig ups outside your home.


Blocked Drain

A blocked drain can cause a major headache if you have to deal with them by yourself. Home drains function unseen every day. They make sure that wastewater leaves your property and goes into the main sewer without any problem. However, when the drainage is blocked, the draining of wastewater is reduced or completely stops. This can cause flooding in the bathroom or in areas where the drain is blocked. Wastewater back up can also let out an unpleasant or foul smell that may be hazardous to human health. Blocked drains are very common in homes and business establishments. They can cause serious damage to property through water damage, and cause mould and mildew to grow which are difficult to get rid of and are harmful to health.
Be aware of signs that tell you that you have a blocked drain. Signs of a blocked drain include slow drainage of water in showers, toilets, baths, and sinks. Other signs include when there is no draining of wastewater at all, wastewater backup into baths or showers, the smell of sewage from drains and gurgling noises. If you see any of these signs in your home drains, call blocked drain plumbers immediately to help you fix the problem.

Emergency Plumber

Emergency plumbers are specialists in the field of plumbing. Emergency plumbers are highly skilled and have enough experience in dealing with plumbing emergencies. They can fix blocked drains, toilets, sinks or fix leaking roofs or burst pipes and drains. They are capable of getting to a plumbing emergency quickly as soon as you ask for their help. Blocked drain plumbers have knowledge and experience in the process of fixing blocked drain issues that you are faced with in the fastest and soonest possible time.
Blocked drain plumbers can reach you, at least, an hour after your call. Our team know the streets of Melbourne and make sure that they get to your premises as soon as they can.

Drain Cleaning

There are two types of drains in Australia which need cleaning. One is the sewer drain that carries wastewater from your house to the sewer pipes and to the wastewater treatment facility. The second one is the storm water drain which carries clean rainwater away from your home to the local waterways like a river.
If you have to clean up after a blocked drain event, you know that it is something that you don’t want to happen again. If the blockage is in the sewer drain, you are going it to hate it like hell. The cost of cleaning a sewage back-up is even higher and is hazardous to human health. Safety precautions have to be taken by the cleaner. Sometimes it may also require you to replace parts of your home like walls, carpet, wood and other flooring including damaged possessions.
Without proper drainage, wastewater can backup from the sewage into your yard, driveway, home and may cause flooding. Therefore, it is important to manage drain clogs to prevent these from happening. This is why you need drain cleaning services that will help you prevent a much worse blocked drain plumbing issue.

Blocked Toilet Drain

There are a number of reasons why toilet drains get clogged or blocked. Blocked toilets sometimes may be an indication of a bigger problem in your drainage system. There might be a sewer blockage or obstruction in the toilet line. Toilet drain obstructions can cause blocked toilet drains. Clogging or blockage may be caused by flushing of toilet fresheners or other objects that have fallen into the toilet that caused a jam and clog in the drain pipes. Common blocked toilet problems are caused by a build-up of toilet paper that has blocked the sewer drain.

The indicators of a blocked toilet drain include slow draining of water levels in the toilet bowl after flushing, and when the water level rises up to the top of the toilet when it is flushed. The best solution to resolve a blocked toilet drain is to call blocked toilet expert plumbers to fix the problem for you. Getting help from professional blocked drain plumbers will get your problem fixed properly and fast.

Other causes of blocked toilets are the accumulation of larger debris, hair, tissue and toilet paper flushed down the drain. Once these materials build up, the flow of water draining from the toilet slows down. Chemical drain cleaners can keep the system clear but using them is not environmentally friendly because of their harsh ingredients that can hurt the environment. Therefore, call a blocked drain plumber to fix the problem instead.

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