5 Benefits of Cleaning Your Drains

Do you have a foul odor in your home that you can’t identify? Is the wood under your sink brittle? Have you seen an unexpected spike in your water bills? For many homeowners, these are signs of a clogger drain or waterline.

Signs of a clogged drain are often ignored by homeowners for several reasons. Whether the problem doesn’t seem significant, the homeowner feels the problem will fix itself, or cost of hiring a drain cleaner seems daunting, without mitigating the problem you could be setting yourself up for costly repairs or health problems.

Modern drain cleaning is often quick, efficient, and one of the least costly plumbing issues to address by a professional. With high-tech cameras to identify exactly where a clog has occurred in your drain lines to specialised snake grabs that easily remove foods, oils, hair, and other common clogging sediment the professionals at Blocked Drain Plumbers of Melbourne can quickly eliminate blocked drains.

You might suspect some of the symptoms of a blocked drain, but do you know the benefits? Here are five common benefits of resolving your clogged and blocked drains.


Improved water flow

Most homeowners with clogged drains don’t recognise a clog until water won’t drain at all. However, many clogs begin deep in your pipes as buildup such as hair, soap scum, and other elements cling to and add on to your growing clog. Typically, your clog starts small and the slower drainage goes unnoticed. But, with more use, your drainage pipes soon become overwhelmed and your clog solidifies until water is completely blocked.

With a professional drain cleaning, your plumber can remove any clogged areas, oil, soap scum, and more to improve your drains’ water flow which helps prevent future clogs. The cleaner your drain the less likely that cosmetic fillers like shampoo and conditioner, hair, and other materials will become trapped in your home’s drains.

Eliminates foul odors

An early sign of a clogged drain often occurs when you walk by a kitchen or bathroom sink and are caught with a ghastly odor.
These odors come from buildup in your pipes that trap food, plant clippings, and other material that is breaking down in your drain. Organic materials in a dark and moist climate are the ideal environment for bacteria to eat and grow. Eventually the off gas of the bacteria creates a smell similar to swamp gas or rank compost.

All of your drains are susceptible to the breakdown of clogged organic material which can be remedied with professional drain cleaning.

A bad smell coming from your kitchen sink or bathroom drains is a good indication that your drain is clogged. Even if your drain appears to be draining well, these odors indicate that organic material is being broken down in your drain indicating in the least a small clog forming. It will only grow, as will the odor.

Cheaper water bills

We know that cost is often the prohibitive factor when it comes to having your drains professionally cleaned or unclogged. But a single drain cleaning or clog removal can save you a lot of money down the road. Clogs are prone to creating leaky pipes, and if your clog happens to be far down and underground, repairing that leaky pipe will require a significant investment to bring in an earthmover, not to mention the hourly rates and additional repair costs. A cleared drain allows for efficient water use, while a clogged drain can lead to back ups and excess water loss.
As with anything else, an efficient water system is your best bet to save money.

Improves your home’s air quality

The environment of moisture, darkness, and plenty of organic material provides a robust home for bacteria which lead to disgusting odors in your drains and throughout your home. Aside from the bad smells, your drains could quickly be filling up with additional bacteria and mold. Both bacteria and mold can wreak havoc on your family’s health by causing everything from infections to severe upper respiratory problems and even death.

Mold in drains and formed from damaged pipes can leave behind mold that quickly grows throughout your home.
A professional drain cleaner can help your family rest easy by clearing out odorous and dangerous bacteria and mold in your drain systems.

Prevents unseen water damage

There is an ancient Greek saying that goes, “It’s what you don’t know, that you don’t know.” When it comes to clogged and blocked drains there are often complications that you don’t know exist because they are hidden underground, between walls and floors, or hidden under dark cabinets. Unseen water damage such as cracks in your pipes and water leaks can lead to serious issues for your home. As mentioned earlier, water leaks can lead to mold and not necessarily just in your drains. Mold from water leaks are common under carpet and between walls and floorboards where it can exist for years unchecked. When found, brittle wood, mold exposure, and damaged foundations can be financially and physically challenging.

Do you suspect that you have a clogged or a blocked drain? Most of the time you can recognise the symptoms of a clogged drain. Slower than normal water drainage, foul odors from your sinks and showers, a spike or even consistent increase in water bills are all symptoms that you likely have a clogged drain in your home. Additionally, finding dried water pools in your basement and under kitchen and bathroom cabinets can be a sign that a water leak exists.
From odors to water damage, that simple clog you think will resolve itself can quickly become costly and affect your health. It’s important to tackle drain problems as soon as symptoms arise so that your home has efficient water drainage that minimises the chance of clogs forming.

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