3 Drain Cleaning Methods Used by Professionals

Ever wondered what the 3 Drain Cleaning Methods Used by Professionals are?

Blocked drains are such inconvenience. They are unpredictable and can often disrupt a person’s daily activity. And while some blockages can be solved by using homemade cleaners or enzyme-based drain cleaners. However, there are just some blockages that are harder to deal with. Professional drain cleaning is the last resort that people have when dealing with blocked drains.

Usually, if the clogging becomes recurrent, it is an indication of a more complex drainage problem. And complex plumbing issues can only be dealt with by a licensed plumber. A drain cleaning Melbourne specialist can employ different types of methods to deal with blocked drains. These drain cleaning methods often require the use of sophisticated plumbing equipment.

Drain Camera Inspection

Drain camera inspection is a method of using a sophisticated equipment that has a miniaturised camera and a LED light mounted at the end of a fibre-optic cable. Once inserted into the drainpipe, this equipment will provide a live video feed to the plumber. Drain camera is the perfect way to locate drain blockages. Drain camera inspection also gives a licensed plumber a clear picture of what he is up against. It also tells the plumber about the exact condition of the drain system. All of this information will help the plumber device the best way to clear the blockage, while preventing damage to the pipes.

Motorised Drain Snakes

Motorised drain snakes are different from the manual drain snakes or augers, which are widely available in local plumbing stores. Motorised drain snakes for commercial drain cleaning can do more than what their manual counterparts can do. Manual drain snakes operate like long corkscrews. They bore through the clogs or blockage and draw them up the drain or break them apart. A motorised drain works in the same way, but with more force. Thus, it is able to handle almost any type of obstruction.

Hydro Jet Drain Cleaning

Hydro-jetting is one of the most effective drain cleaning methods available today. It sends out highly pressurised water through a hose and out a small nozzle, which breaks down any type of blockage. It can handle fats, oil, grease and food particles. It also removes soap scum and even small plastics. In some instances, this sophisticated drain cleaning tool was able to get rid of tree roots that broke through pipes. The best part about hydro-jetting is that it not only removes blockage, but it will also leave a pipeline completely clean. Nevertheless, it cannot be used not unless the plumber has already performed drain camera inspection.

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Helpful details for a Blocked Drain and Emergency Plumber situation:

Triple zero – 000
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Yarra Valley Water
Victoria State Emergency Service

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