Unblocking blocked sewer pipes & drains

Unblocking Blocked Sewer Pipes

We are often called out to help with clearing blocked sewer pipes that can be caused by tree roots in sewer pipes. Clearing tree roots can also help with unblocking stormwater pipes. This can be completely hidden from above ground and we often use cameras to inpect the cause of the sewage blockage.

Using a drain camera allows us to pinpoint the exact location of your blocked sewer drain. This technology enables us to quickly and accurately diagnose your drain problem.

If there are tree roots in a residential sewer, the tool of choice is most likely a cable machine with a root cutting blade and attachment. The cable and blade is placed in the cleanout and the cable is sent down the pipe to cut out the roots. A sewer jetter can be used in conjunction with a hydraulic root cutter to cut away hard obstructions such as tree roots.

Sewer Jetting

A sewer jetter uses the force of pressurized water to pull itself through pipes, scrub the sides of dirty drains, break apart sewer clogs and flush out residue. A jet nozzle provides the pulling and cleaning force. A sewer jetter is not recommended where your pipes have structural damage or are weakened by tree roots, foundation damage, or other causes.

Who to call for blocked sewer pipes?

If you have a blocked sewer, contact us now on 0412 738 874! Free quotes.

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