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If you’ve ever had to clean up after a blocked drain you know that it is never something you want to do again, if it’s a sewer drain you’ll likely be cursing drains for the rest of your life. The cost to hire someone to clean a sewage backup is likely higher than you expect as health precautions need to be taken to ensure the safety of the cleaner. This may also result in replacing baseboard, wood, walls, carpet and other flooring, as well as damaged personal possessions.

There are two types of drains in Australia and why you need drain cleaning melbourne services from Blocked Drain Plumbers:

• A sewer drain, which carries the waste from your house to sewer pipes and eventually a waste treatment facility.
• A storm water drain, which carries “clean” rain water away from your home and to a local waterway such as a river.

Both of these drain systems are designed to take the waste and water away from your home where it is processed elsewhere. The importance in having two separate systems is to ensure the waste water is properly treated before being released back into the environment.

Not having proper drainage will can cause a backup of sewage into your yard, driveway, or home, or in the case of storm water can create significant flooding.

Managing drain clogs should never be neglected or put off until the next day as you never know how clogged your drain is or how far the potential back up has already progressed. That is why you need the most trusted drain cleaning melbourne services in Melbourne – Blocked Drain Plumbers.

What causes a clogged drain?

As drain pipes age damage occurs. This can be a result of natural ground shifts, age, tree roots, and any other variable that could cause even the slightest crack within your drain pipe. Small cracks alone are not a bad thing, and wouldn’t necessarily mean you need to replace your drain pipe. However, being prudent in what you are flushing and putting into the drain is important. Items such as paper towels, feminine products, fat content from your kitchen and even dust from remodeling can begin the process of a clog.

For paper and feminine products, they do not dissolve in the same way as toilet paper is designed. As such they can become caught on small cracks in your pipe and act as a net capturing waste as it passes by. Eventually that waste will form a clog. Concrete dust and fats act more as a growing wall which also grabs and uses waste passing by to slowly build a dam in your pipes.

This first step of understanding what forms a clog and what not to put down your drains is a crucial preventive measure, however, do not stress if you do find yourself in that situation as Blocked Drain Plumbers drain cleaning Melbourne services will take care of everything.

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How to clear a clog

Clearing a soft clog can be as simple as using a plunger or chemical. However, deep clogs are often a result of build up over time which allows for the clog to strengthen and hold more steadily. This will require the use of a drain cleaning tool.

There are two common tools used for clearing these types of clogs. The most commonly known is a drain snake. There are physical snakes, as well as powered ones. A drain snake works by using a metal coil in a spinning motion that wears away and eventually breaks through the clog. While they can be effective, there is a concern that the snake will also cause similar damage to the interior of the pipes resulting in chips, burs, and cracks. This, as you know, is often the culprit in clog-forming. While you are clearing a clog, you are also perpetuating clogs later on.

The second option is a water jetter which is a pressure washer specifically designed to operate within drain pipes. Utilizing a camera to identify the leak as well as other potential areas where clogs may form, an experienced water jetter can clean your drain pipes with high pressure water, while preserving any damage that would have otherwise been caused by using a drain snake.

Lack of damage as well as the ability to use a water jetter with a drain camera are two benefits a water jetter has over a drain snake. The third, which often makes water jetting much less expensive than a drain snake is the speed in which a drain can be unclogged. Even with the most stubborn of clogs a water jetter can clear your drain pipe in less than an hour. With a drain snake you might have a plumber working for hours, and, in a worst case scenario, days to clear the drain. That is why Blocked Drain Plumbers drain cleaning Melbourne services are the best. Contact us today for your drain cleaning requirements.

How a water jetter works

A water jetter is made of a flexible hose, with a precision nozzle at the cleaning end. As water is pumped through the hose at a high pressure it is able to break away the clog and eventually break through the barrier without causing interior damage to the pipes.
In addition to clearing out the clog a rear-facing water jet designed to propel the hose through your drain pipes also cleans the pipe as it moves. This double pressure cleaning of your pipes ensures that not only is your clog cleared, but your pipes are cleaned and will last longer.
A water jetter can clean the sewage waste pipes from inside your house, as well as the leaf and debris build up in your storm drain pipes.

Regardless of what has clogged your pipes it is the responsibility of the home owner to make sure the pipes are clear and in good working condition. Ignoring problems such as clogs in your pipes can result in a costly cleanup, as well as decrease the life of your pipes and increase the size of cracks and chips farther down your pipe. Without properly caring for your drain pipes you will likely end up paying thousands of dollars to replace the pipes in the future. Depending on how far down the line your damage and clogs are gathering will only increase these costs.

With proper preventive maintenance of your drains and pipes, as well as the cleaning power of a water jetter you can ensure your pipes are maintaining their strength and their life.

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