Blocked Drain Plumbers toilet unblocking services

If there is one essential facility in your house you need to use on a daily basis it is the toilet.

A blocked toilet or clogged toilet drain can be a real nightmare – inconvenient, tricky to deal with and oftentimes, quite unpleasant.

We can help you unblock a toilet anytime of the day or week including weekends.

Common toilet problems we encounter when called to help unblocking a toilet include:

  • Toilet bowl filling up with water
  • Continuous flush
  • Toys or other objects lodged in the toilet
  • Sewer blockage issues

Remember, if you have a blocked toilet, don’t keep flushing to try and clear your clogged toilet when unblocking a toilet . This could cause it to overflow and flood the bathroom.

As well as installing new toilets, we are able to solve all your toilet blockage issues. Our specialist plumbers have over 15 years expereince unblocking toliets, drains and pipes and we are available for emergencies and after hours.

So if your toilet is blocked, call us on 0412 738 874 for a free quote to fix a clogged toilet drain!

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