Unblocking blocked shower drains – internal.

Clogged shower drains are typically caused by soap and hair that finds its way into a shower drain. As a result, the shower drains slowly and as we all know, standing in a pool of water whilst showering is just not pleasant for anyone.

Eventually, this typically results in a complete blockage of the shower drain.

We are often called to assist clearing blocked shower drains where the householder has exhausted all the home remedies such as the use of drain unblocking products such as Draino without success.

Clearing blocked shower drain via shower stall

Clearing blocked shower drain via shower stall

Using hand cable machine to clear blocked shower drain

Hand cable machine to clear blocked shower drain

We opened the shower grate from inside the shower stall and used a hand cable machine to run down the drain past the water trap to where the hair and soap was cloggin the shower drain. The hand cable machine allows us to easily remove the blockage caused by hair and soap.

As a result, the shower drain was unblocked and the shower drain then was cleared and water flowed freely out of the shower. As good as new!

So, if you have a blocked shower drain, call us anytime on 0412 738 874 so we can arrange to come and unclog it for you.

Remember, we provide free quotes to unblock shower drains and are available after hours and on weekends for emergencies!

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